Loretta has been awarded the 2011 Singapore National Critics Choice’s Best Nonfiction award in Economics for Maonomics *** Loretta answers ten tough questions for TIME Magazine

Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do
Seven Stories Press, October 2011
Buy this book!The end of the cold war was thought to signal the triumph of Western capitalism over Communism. In Maonomics: Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists than We Do, Economist and best-selling author Loretta Napoleoni argues just the opposite: what we are witnessing instead is the beginning of the collapse of capitalism and the victory of “communism with a profit motive.”
Maonomics charts the prodigious ascent of the Chinese economic miracle and the parallel course of the West’s ongoing insistence on misconstruing China and its economy even as we acknowledge its growing influence and importance. Here Loretta Napoleoni offers a front row seat on the greatest show on earth: the peaceful economic revolution that is shifting the balance of power in the world from West to East.
A Timeline of Events from 2001
Seven Stories Press, 2011
eBook Exclusive – Buy this book!Internationally best-selling author and economist Loretta Napoleoni delivers a 100-page book that offers readers an insightful overview of the events that have shaped the past decade. Beyond terrorism, 10 Years That Shook the Worldcovers issues as diverse as financial policy, advances in science and technology, new economic policies, propaganda, environmental issues, the revolutionary powers of social media, and more.
Napoleoni presents events not in a strict chronology but more as we might remember them, often with the most significant events recalled first. Thus the main topics cross over constantly, showing how they are all interlinked and how globalization is speeding up the pace of change in our world. Told in short, twitter-like bursts of information, each chapter triggers readers’ personal memories of those years and allows them to trace patterns throughout the decade.

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Statement on Occupy Wall Street, October 2011

“The revolutionary contagion has finally reached the US. Occupy Wall Street, the civil society movement following on from the protest movements of Arab and European youth, is challenging the financial, economic and political oligarchic elites who over the last twenty years have hijacked true democracy in the US — and everywhere else.”

Toronto Star, “Capitalist China is an Economic Success Story“, October 2011

Q: Is there Chinese medicine for a healthier Western economy?
A: Pragmatism. Forget ideology, and use whatever works. We’re in a huge crisis and still defending the economic model that brought us there. We’re afraid to re-think. We don’t turn to the policy of (John Maynard) Keynes (who believed in government spending to create jobs) because we think it’s socialism. If that’s what it takes to get through the crisis, why not? The Chinese used capitalism to save their country, and it worked very well. We should take that lesson of pragmatism from them.

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Il Contagio: Occupy Wall Street Goes Global
Loretta Napoleoni’s most recent Italian book, Il Contagio, takes a penetrating look at the new global economic protest movement. Published in Italy in September by Rizzoli and #4 on the Italian bestseller list.

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